Touched by Venom

Book One of the Dragon Temple Saga

Voted one of Library Journal's Five Best SF & F Fantasy Books of 2005.

A 'bold debut' set in a 'richly detailed, well-imagined world' — Publishers Weekly.

(A) remarkable debut novel....It is clear that Janine Cross is a significant new voice in fantasy." — Cinefantastique.

Review from Library Journal

"Headstrong and independent in a society where women are silent breeders of sons and where both men and women are ruled by the whims of the dragonmasters of the Dragon Temple, Zarq Darquel angers the authorities and brings disaster upon her clan and family. With her now insane mother, she embarks on a dangerous journey to find and rescue her sister, sold into slavery, and in doing so plants her feet on the road to revolution. Set in a jungle world reminiscent of tribal Africa and South America, Canadian author Cross's debut novel tells a fascinating story of love and vengeance. Offering a different approach to dragons and dragonlore, the author combines skillful storytelling with sensually evocative details. With particular appeal to fans of the works of Jacqueline Carey and Terry Goodkind, this opening volume of a planned trilogy is highly recommended for most libraries."

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