Forged by Fire

Book Three and the conclusion of the Dragon Temple Saga

"...combines an unusual approach to dragons and dragon lore with strong characters and an exotic, tribal culture...skillful storytelling with sensually evocative details."   —  Library Journal

Cross "...handles challenging themes of addiction, graphic sexuality, racism, slavery and the oppression of children and women."   —  Publishers Weekly


In violation of every law of the Dragon Temple, which forbids women to own property, Zarq Darquel has secured a dragon estate for herself. But now that Waikar Re Kratt, Zarq's former overlord, has begun a fanatical crusade to find her, last ally--Kratt's turncoat brother--can no longer stand between her and the threat of imprisonment. Zarq does not see herself as a revolutionary, but her enemies give her no choice. Abandoning the estate where she thought she would be safe, she journeys deep into the jungle in search of an ancient dragon secret that will give her the power to overthrow both Kratt and the corrupt Dragon Temple. She takes with her some of the female dragons from her own estate, and in the jungle she once again risks the dragons' highly addictive hallucinogenic venom, renewing a craving that is becoming an obsession....

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